Reading Services

Reading Services Fees (See below for current individual readers and schedules)
 At The Purple Door 
 Individual and Group Formats Available
 Individual Readings 
 20 min.$35
 30 min.$45 to $55*
 45 min.$65 to $75*
 60 min.$85 to $95*
 In a Group Format 
 10 min.$25
 15 min.$35
 Double-Double Readings (Susan and Connie)
 30 min.$60
 60 min.$120
* Notes individual reading fees for Susan Fiandach and Cathie Miller services
 At Your Location ** 
 Minimum of 6 people paying; Maximum 2.5 Hrs.
 Individual Readings 
 10 min.$25
 15 min.$35
 20 min.$45
 In a Group Format 
 10 min.$25
 15 min.$35
 Double-Double Readings (Susan and Connie)
 15 min.$45
**There is an additional travel fee for locations outside of Monroe County. See "Additional Info for Group Reading Parties" below.
Large Group Over 20 People Events/Parties
We offer "Medium by the Hour" reading services at $150 for the first hour plus $100 per hour thereafter. Great for mini-readings in a private or group setting. Please note that in this format, not everyone may be guaranteed a reading in the time allowed.  
Our Specialized Readings
  • "DOUBLE-DOUBLE" READINGS with Professional Psychic-Mediums, Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake offer a reading for you at the same time--lots of information and an enjoyable experience.   30 minutes $60; 60 minutes $120
  • SEANCE MESSAGE CIRCLES are an excellent way to experience mediumship and receive mini-readings to all attending, and are approximately 10 minutes. Great for a fun get-together! $25 per person
  • MARI READING with certified Mari Practitioner and Professional Psychic-Medium, Cathie Miller. The Mandala Assessment Research Instrument is a comprehensive system using symbols and color to allow clients to access their own intuitive guidance and strengths. 60 minutes $95.
  • ANIMAL COMMUNICATION READINGS with Richard Flint can help identify physical and emotional issues that can be beneficial to gain insights, identify problem areas, emotional issues or just to speak again to your happy pet! A photo of your pet is helpful but not necessary.  See above individual pricing.
  • HEART-to-HEART READING and BALANCE SESSION is a wonderful opportunity to experience your mind-body-spirit connection. It is a combo package of a 20 minute energy balancing session and a 20 minute reading, only $40.
Additional Info for Group Reading Parties and Events
For reading services your private party events ideal for families, groups, clubs, organization functions and special occasions. Services depend on availability and number of confirmed attendees.
  • Pricing can be by individual or group, as described above.
  • For events at your location, there is a minimum of 6 participating people. One or more mediums can provide reading services as needed.
  • There is a maximum of 2.5 hours per event or as agreed upon by parties involved.
  • Travel fees apply for bookings outside Monroe County.
PLEASE NOTE:   Per NYS Law, we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Any and all legal, medical, and emotional concerns must be addressed by the appropriate professional. The Purple Door disclaims all liabilities on any information given during a service upon which anyone acts. Personal reading information is kept confidential.
Readers and Schedules (See About page for Bio's)

  • Susan Fiandach - Certified Psychic-Medium, Health Intuitive, Past Lives Readings, Telephone Readings. Mondays, Thursdays and Friday evenings by Appointment
  • Connie Wake – Certified Psychic-Medium, Tarot. Thursdays, Saturdays and Evenings by Appointment
  • Karen Kurchyne -  Psychic-Medium, Oracle Card, Past Lives Readings, Life Coach, Telephone Readings. Call 585-313-2839 for Schedule, Rates and Appointments
  • Cathie Miller - Certified Psychic-Medium, MARI Readings, Auragraph (Personal Oracle) Readings. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Richard Flint - Certified Psychic-Medium, Oracle Cards, Angel Readings, Animal Communication Readings. Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings
  • Mary Lee - Certified Psychic-Medium, Tarot, Mandala Art Readings. Wednesday and Thursday evenings
  • Wende Hull-Gum – Psychic-Medium, Oracle Cards, Angel Readings. Saturdays as scheduled
  • Michele Lemieux – Psychic Tarot, Lenormand.  Mondays
  • Jane Anderson-Ross – Palm Readings by Appointment
  • Dawn Daggs – Intuitive Numerology Readings by Appointment
Psychic-Medium Certified Readers
The "Everyday Conversations" Psychic-Medium Certified Program began in May 2017 and defines the standard of a quality connection to psychic and mediumistic information and authentically interpreting that information in our psychic-medium readings and services. (See our LEARNING CENTER page for more information.) Below is a current listing of people who demonstrate that standard and have progressed through the EC Evidential Psychic-Medium Certification Program.
  • Connie Wake and Susan Fiandach - Founders and Instructors
  • Cathie Miller
  • Karen Kurchyne
  • Richard Flint
  • Mary Lee
General Information
A reading is an interpretation by the psychic-medium who recognizes energy as information and has learned to objectively interpret the images, sounds, smells, and emotions felt and received. A psychic reading is information about the client’s life, those living around them, validating life situations or exploring insights to potential outcomes. A medium reading is information from those who have passed, providing messages and validations through the evidence unveiled.  The value of the reading is the information received, without the personal opinions or spirituality of the reader, providing validation, empowering, healing, comfort and closure.
Individual Readings:  In a private, one-to-one reading, the psychic-medium can focus the communication between you and loved ones who have passed, and relay the information received.  
Group Readings:  Group readings are offered for a varied number of people in seating formats such as circle, seance, or gallery (auditorium) style. Group readings for events and parties tend to be mini-readings rather than full, in-depth readings.  
A psychic-medium uses many tools to help focus the information being received. There are many labels involved, such as clairvoyant, seer, channeller, psychic and medium. The reader receives information, interprets it and relays it to the client. Readings should always empower, as free will and choice is paramount!
A medium reading is information received from loved ones who have passed and offers insights, comfort and validation for the client. 
A psychic reading provides information about you and those living around you and are best used to provide insights to your daily or life questions. Psychic readings may involve tools to focus the information, such as tarot, Lenormand or oracle cards, astrology, numerology, palmistry, runes, spirit art, to name a few. 
A health intuitive reading is an intuitive look into your personal health and well being to aid in your physical and emotional care.  A health intuitive reading does not diagnose but can offer perspective on health concerns.
Tarot is an old form of divination using a standard 78-card deck, made up of four suits, 22 major arcana (life themes) and minor arcana (ace through king).  They are used as a focus and interpretation tool of the information to relay to the client. Tarot cards do not have any power on their own and need not be feared.
Oracle Cards are another form of divination cards that are more "free form" in art and messages. They are again used by the reader to focus and facilitate interpretation of psychic information for the client.

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