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“EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS” Psychic-Medium Studies and Development

Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake head up our signature program of studies for the 6th sense, offering comprehensive study, workbook and exercises to explore and engage your connection. Whether just curious about your own psychic experiences or for the novice or practicing psychic-medium, our programs provide a solid foundation for understanding the connection and interpretation of psychic (living) and mediumistic (of those who have passed) information.  Key components of our program include:

  • “Your 6th Sense Today” Overview Presentation for Groups and Organizations
  • Introduction to Evidential Psychic-Mediumship Studies – the foundational elements to understand the energies and information of connection
  • The Professional Psychic-Medium Series – expanding the depth and breadth of your mediumship
  • Weekly Continuing Development Practice Circles – Monday and Thursday theory review and exercises for further growth and development. Prerequisite: Introduction to Evidential Psychic-Mediumship
  • Student Reading Exercise Nights – to practice and receive feedback for “real world” readings
  • Psychic-Medium Registration – an offering of completion requirements for TPD graduates

“Everyday Conversations” Books and Products - Available at this time: “The Key to the Contemporary Medium” and “The Student Guide to the 6th Sense” and combination packs of both books. Please see our SHOP page to order.

“Everyday Conversations” Presentations, Book Signings and Class Schedule – Susan and Connie will be at the following locations. To book presentations or classes for your group or organization, please call The Purple Door at 585-427-8110.

  • “Your 6th Sense Today”
    • Rush-Henrietta Continuing Education – Mon, April 24
    • The Rochester Brainery – Mon, May 22
    • The Lightways Lake Retreat – Sat, June 17
    • The Chili Library – Wed, June 28
    • Lily Dale Assembly – Sun, July 16
    • Webster Continuing Education – Thurs, July 13
  • “Unlocking Your 6th Sense” (an Introduction to Evidential Psychic-Mediumship)
    • Webster Continuing Education – Thursdays, May 4-25
    • Webster Continuing Education – Thursdays, July 20 – Aug 10
  • Book Signings and Double-Double Readings
    • Scare-a-Con – Sat and Sun, June 3 and 4 in Springfield MA
    • Natural Living Expo – Sat and Sun, Nov 11 and 12 in Marlborough MA

REIKI Certification Classes

Kathy Manikowski, Reiki Master/Teacher, offers Level 1, 2 and Master level certification in Reiki energy healing. There are also opportunities for “pop-up” Reiki practice sessions, to refresh and expand your healing services.

Health Intuitive Studies 

This is an introduction and continuing development workshop series for those already in a medical or psychic-medium practice. Susan Fiandach and Kathy Manikowski offer a comprehensive program to understand this connection and relay it in a valued and meaningful way. 

H.O.P.E. - Healing Others with Psychic Evidence

This is an introduction and continuing discussion on techniques for detective and investigation for missing persons, crimes, etc. Prerequisite: Psychic Investigations Basics Workshop.

General Metaphysical Classes and Workshops

The Purple Door offers local and non-local teachers and presenters in a variety of topics, such as:

  • The Power of Crystals and Their Uses
  • Chakras and Auras
  • Divination Methods and Tools
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Past Lives
  • Clearing the Energies in your Space
  • Animal Totems and Mother Earth Messages
  • Tarot and Oracle Card Instruction and Use
  • Angels and their Messages Divination Workshops
  • Meditation and Journaling
  • …and more!

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