Energy Wellness Services

Energy and thought have a great impact on our lives and well-being. Explore energy therapies that facilitate the body's natural healing processes for greater emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  Energy sessions are known to augment the healing process when surgery or extensive medical care is needed, including pre and post surgeries.  Check our Calendar for certification, healing and exploring essential oils classes and events.
Energy Wellness Sessions to Relax * Recharge * Renew  
“Let’s work together as you live your healthiest, most joyful life!"  Kathy Manikowski will help you tap in to your own inner strength and light to find your balance - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She connects to the life energy all around us, and intuitively directs it to empower her clients’ natural healing abilities, and works with many healing tools including Reiki, Angelic, Spiritual and Earth energies, Crystals, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and Essential Oils and Guided Visualizations & Affirmations
Reiki Sessions | Crystal or Sound Healing Sessions | Chakra Energizing Sessions
  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $35
  • 60 minutes $60
For Reiki certification classes (all levels), check our Calendar or contact Kathy Manikowski at 585-703-9518.
Classes of Healing with Janice McNamara
Re-Discovering your Self Series - This is an opportunity to put the past behind you for good. It is now time to focus on bringing the faded memory of your Divine Self to the light, to everything you do and everywhere you go.  Learn how to simply pass through the clouds of fear, doubt, worry, self-criticism, etc., to access your true nature and all you came here to be.
Staying Centered in a Chaotic World - This workshop is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with the series of events unfolding on the planet.  It will help you shift your thoughts to ones that will support the planet in ways you never expected from right where you are.  We are experiencing an interesting time that is meant for raising awareness, recognizing the gifts that already exist, and creating the lives we want from a place of love. 
Self-Mastery - We are all masters!  Join Janice in discovering the master in you through this experiential 4 week series  Discover useful tips to manage stress..  The series will raise awareness to what it means to put your needs up front and still manage your day as a parent or caretaker.  Each class will be devoted to providing a safe, supportive environment to foster connection – connection to self – most importantly,and  others.  This Self Mastery series assists one to achieve a place of balance in areas such as:  job/career, financial, home life, and relationships with others.  
Young Living(R) Essential Oils
Essential Oils can be used daily for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Oils can be used to clear the energy in your space, boost feelings of protection, help with meditation, enhance your Spiritual practices, ease sleep & stress, as well as for head & muscle aches, digestion, allergies and so much more!   Join us to learn about many different oils, their uses and how to easily incorporate them in to your daily life. For a consultation or questions, contact Karen Kurchyne at 585-313-2839
Healing and Memories
Stop by our "healing well" while at the shop where you can write in a person's name to receive Reiki life force healing through our remote healing service. There is no charge for this.
Also our "Honor a Beautiful Soul" program offers families and friends to purchase a professionally engraved brass plate of names and sentiments to memorialize loved ones who have passed. Each plate is displayed on a beautiful walnut plaque on our "Living Loving Wall of Honor" at our shop.  $50. Order forms available.

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