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Social Business is the Sum of Social Media Marketing

Customers and employees are still underserved and underappreciated. Some would say, in business, social media lost its way. Others would argue social media failed to live up to buy 100 followers on instagram the hype. There are unfortunately still many examples of businesses not getting it, viewing or outsourcing it as a mere “marketing” function, and operating in siloes where social becomes anti-social by design. Without purpose and collaboration, social will always be just another thing that businesses use to defer the inevitable…change. Even though the “cool” kids moved on, there’s a real need for businesses to become social…to become human. Our work is just beginning. Perhaps observing the gap between the expertise we have and the insight we need to make a difference is where we need to begin.

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Encouraging participation through open social technologies

Many brands today want to embrace social, but are wary of quality control and the risk of disruptive crowdslapping over social media platforms, open communities and forums. buy real active instagram followers Carefully managed crowdsourcing can provide a safe solution to these concerns and can help with increasing brand awareness, harnessing ideas and innovation, and taking your next step towards becoming a social business. Crowdsourcing is not a new concept for marketers, but social business marketers today are pushing the envelope through the use of open social technologies to engage with their communities. Today’s crowdsourcing is about inviting clients, consultants, and employees to contribute in the pursuit of new ideas, to evaluate and enter new markets, to gain customer feedback, and to understand market trends.

Global Director of Marketing, IBM Social Business

This is Mike Edelhart, the CEO of the Pivot Conference, and I am here today with Renee Ducre, the Global Director of Marketing from IBM Social Business, and long-time participant in Pivot and friend of the Pivot community. Renee – glad to be with you here today and Happy New Year. We actually did a webcast not too long ago and some of those predictions that I have for 2015 are really around things that I see from a digital enterprise best sites to buy instagram followersstandpoint for businesses today. You know there’s been a lot of talk around the Internet of Things it’s a huge market opportunity where marketers like ourselves begin to leverage the data. I was reading an Information Week article and they talked about 2015 being the year of the Internet of Things. So when I think of the enormous amount of data that are being created, there’s a huge opportunity for companies to make better decisions and inform all of our marketing tactics but also to make everything that we’re doing more targeted to our client by leveraging this data. So I really see 2015 as the year of big data and analytics ….and taking advantage of all this information that we have access to….to have more customized and personalized offerings as well as improving the customer experience.

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