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The Purple Door Services and Learning Center
provides a place for you to Explore*Engage*Enjoy your Authentic Self, to get to know your High Self, your Best Self, your Healthy Self. We offer:

    * Connection: Professional, Evidenced-Based Medium and Psychic Readings, Message Events and Intuitive/Divination Development Classes
    * Life Force Energy for Balance and Healing: Mind-Body Awareness, Meditation and Natural Energy Balancing for Well-Being Services
    * Personal Growth and Renewal: Classes, Events, Workshops as well as One-on-One Services to empower your journey
    * Products to Enhance: Items to renew, remind, re-engage your best thoughts of gratitude, joy, healing, well-wishes, and power your intentions 

"EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS"(c) - Our Signature Program

Everyday Conversations  is a progressive methodology to explore, engage and experience the 6th sense in a powerfully simple way.  
Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake, professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies, offer a contemporary understanding on the 6th sense in daily living. Experience how to receive and interpret information from an “extra sensory perception” point of view. No spirituality needed…no religious dogma or society misconceptions to get in the way. It’s our joyous and natural intuitive ability, understood and experienced on purpose. 

It is also the essence of our reading provide readings through authentic connection and evidence so that messages received are of the most value to comfort, heal, validate and empower.  

Featuring: "Double-Double" Readings with Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake - WOW!   This is a unique one-hour reading experience with both Susan and Connie who offer connection, validation, comfort and perspective through two kinds of divination methods: psychically through the tarot cards (Connie) and a medium reading (Susan).  This one-hour service is currently $110. Call Connie at 585-427-8110 or Sue at 585-413-1338 to make your appointment.

Presentations and workshops are available at The Purple Door or at your group, club or organization. Contact Connie at 585-427-8110.

Books are available at The Purple Door and through

Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium - Unlocking the Myths is a look at what psychic-mediumship is and what it is not,
dispelling old myths and fears, educating the public from Hollywood and New Age razz-ma-tazz!

Everyday Conversations: A Student Guide to the Daily Medium - Unlocking Your 6th Sense is a student workbook of concepts, techniques and exercises to guide the student through connecting and interpreting information received through the 6th sense.


Looking to gain perspective, validate your options and power your intentions for daily living or life changes?  Try a reading!

A medium is one who sees, hears and senses the spirit of those who have passed, providing validating information about the loved one and passing on their message and connection to you. Medium readings offer insights, comfort and validation for the client.

A psychic interprets energies of the living--of you and those around you.  Psychic readings are best used to provide insights to your daily or life questions. Psychic readings may involve tools to focus the information, such as tarot, Lenormand or oracle cards, astrology, numerology, palmistry, runes, spirit art, to name a few. Psychic readings validate, inspire and empower!

GUIDANCE...not instruction! A psychic-medium should always maintain the free will and choice of the client, therefore readings should empower, not dictate, a course of action.  Our focus is on an authentic connection and evidence-based message, from the perspective of Universal Light and Unconditional Love. We will not bring in negative, dark, hauntings or foreboding futures in your reading. The aim of messages from loved ones is always to heal, comfort, validate and empower...this is where we stand. 

The difference with private versus group readings: In a private reading, the psychic-medium can focus the communication between you and loved ones who have passed, and relay the information received. We recommend at least a 30 minute reading to allow for this process to unfold to the best benefit. 
In a group or home party environment, the readings are shorter to touch in with psychic and medium information to provide greetings rather than full, in-depth readings.

See below for our rates and guidelines on our services.  

* PLEASE NOTE:   Per NYS Law, we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Any and all legal, medical, and emotional concerns must be addressed by the appropriate professional. We believe in free will and choice AND the responsibility of the person. The Purple Door disclaims all liabilities on any information given during a service upon which anyone acts. All information is kept confidential.

Private One-to-One Readings:

Please call 585-427-8110 or number listed for the provider listed. Cash preferred; Visa/MC/Disc available. 
Walk-ins available but best to call for availability.
Pricing* per Individual Reading: 20 minutes $35; 30 minutes $45; 45 minutes $65; 60 minutes $85.  (*Note: Fees vary for Susan Fiandach and Karen Kurchyne)

 Psychic-Medium, Tarot
 Connie Wake
 Wed evenings and by appointment
 Psychic-Medium, Health Intuitive, Phone Readings,
 Psychic-Mediumship Studies Director
 Susan Fiandach*
 Mon, Thurs, Fri by Appointment -
 Call  585-413-1338

 Psychic-Medium, Past Lives, Life Coaching, Phone Readings
 Karen Kurchyne*  Thurs; and by Wed, Fri by Appt -
 Call 585-313-2839

 Psychic-Medium, Animal Communicator
 Rich Flint
 Tuesday evenings 5 to 7 pm, Saturdays am
 Psychic - Tarot, Astrology, Numerology
 Laura Crosetti
 Thursday evenings 5 to 7 pm,
 by Appointment
 Psychic-Medium, AuraGraph Psychic Art Reading,
 Phone Readings
 Cathie Miller
 Tuesdays, Fridays 12 to 5 pm
 Heart-to-Heart Message and Energy Healing Session **  Reader & Healer  Wednesdays and Saturdays by Appointment
 Jane Anderson-Ross   
 By Appointment - Call 585-321-1815
 Psychic-Medium, Tarot, Spirit Art
 Mary Lee   Thursday evenings 5 to 7 pm
 Psychic - Tarot, Lenormand  Michele LeMieux  Monday afternoons 12 to 6 pm
Notes: *
  ...Reading Fees vary for Susan Fiandach readings and Karen Kurchyne home parties; please inquire when requesting appointments with them.
  ...For Astrology Birth Charts and Review, must reserve and prepay, providing birth information (date of birth, time of birth if known, and location).
  ...If you wish to have 2 people sit in together for a reading, individual pricing will apply.

"Double-Double" Readings with Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake - WOW! This is a one hour reading with both psychic-mediums who offer connection, validation, comfort and perspective through two kinds of divination methods: psychically through the tarot cards (Connie) and a medium reading (Susan).  This one hour service is $110. Call Connie at 585-427-8110 or Sue at 585-413-1338 to make your appointment.

Heart-to-Heart Readings with Kathy Manikowski and Reader ** - This is a 40 minute service to experience a heart-mind-soul connection. You receive a 20-minute energy balancing session with a 20 minute reading for a revitalizing and reaffirming experience! Reiki Master/Healer Kathy Manikowski joins forces with Connie Wake (Wednesdays) and Wende Hull-Schultz (Saturdays) to offer this wonderful heart, mind and soul experience. A $70 value for only $40 promotional price! Call the shop at 585-427-8110 to make your appointment for either day.

Everyday Conversations  Message Network - We also believe we connect with our loved ones "spontaneously" anytime and anyplace. Our psychic-mediums, both apprenticing and practicing, connect to those who have passed and record messages received. These messages are posted on our "Everyday Conversations Message Network" Facebook Page.  You are welcome to review and take with you any message that comforts, validates and empowers. We are honored to pass it along.

Party/Group Message Events:

The following are scheduled message events we hold here at The Purple Door. Please call or visit our Calendar page for upcoming dates.
  • Message Circle – This is an excellent way to learn more about mediumship and receive mini-message readings by our mediums, done in either a gallery-style format or a circle format. Mini-readings are provided for all attending, and are approximately 10 minutes. These are meant to be "toe-tipping" messages and a chance to experience the styles of a variety of mediums.
  • Psychic Card Reading Event - This event is aimed at exploring tarot, Lenormand and oracle card readings. Our readers "line up" and provide readings for those in attendance, each person receiving a reading from each reader. This is great for groups of 5-7 for a get-together fun night! Check our calendar or call for our next offering.
  • "White Light Special" Promotional Reading Event - This event is intended to be a promotional event where you can sample a variety of readings at a special rate!  Readings include the following (depending on availability): medium, oracle, tarot, palm, auragraph/spirit art). $20 for each 20 minute service selected. Best to call for a reservation. Appts from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Party/Reading Event for your Group at The Purple Door - We can schedule our mediums to offer group or private readings for you and your friends and family. Services depend on availability and number of confirmed attendees. There is a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 2 hours total event time.
            10 minutes for $20 per person
            20 minutes for $35 per person
            30 minutes for $45 per person

Party/Reading Event at Your Place - For your private party events ideal for groups, clubs, organization functions and special occasions. Services depend on availability and number of confirmed attendees. Travel fees apply for bookings outside of Monroe County. 
  • Individual: There is a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 2 hours total event time. This can be a private setting or in a group setting.
            10 minutes for $25 per person
            20 minutes for $40 per person
  • Gallery or Large Group - "Medium by the Hour" reading services for groups over 20 people
(1) An open seating, gallery style, message demonstration for larger groups over 20 people, offering a sampling of “greetings” (brief readings 3-5 minutes in length) to the group.  Note: Not everyone may receive a reading in this format

(2) Provide individual mini-readings in a large group setting; readings ranging from 6-10 minutes in length, for a minimum of one hour; maximum of 3 hours per event. Depending on event, more than one medium may be recommended for this service.

$150 for the first hour plus $100 per hour thereafter  


The Purple Door offers classes in evidential psychic-medium studies for the curious, the novice or practicing mediums.  Certification Program coming in 2017!

Mediumship Development Classes and WorkshopsCheck our Class Calendar regularly (or call!) to see the next offerings in our Professional Medium Series.  Susan Fiandach offers Introduction to Evidential Mediumship as well as intermediate level development classes and workshops.  Also available are Intuition Development classes by Janice McNamara. These classes are helpful in better understanding your connection to the non-physical world and Spirit, whether you engage in it personally or professionally.

Mediumship Development Circle  – Mondays and Thursdays - This is a week circle with Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake to continue to develop and strengthen the channel for guidance, validations and messages. $10 per evening attended. Prerequisite: Introduction to Evidential Mediumship classes.

Health Intuitive Studies - This is an eight week workshop series for those already in a medical or psychic-medium practice. Susan Fiandach and Kathy Manikowski follow a comprehensive program to understand this connection and relay it in a valued and meaningful way.  Call or check our calendar for our next session.

Mediums of Rochester Meetup GroupThis is a forum for mediums, psychics and intuitives to share techniques, tips and learnings for growth of self, professional mediumship, service and community. For more information about our meetings and to become a member, go to

H.O.P.E. - Healing Others with Psychic Evidence - This is a new gathering of people to offer instruction and discussion on techniques for detective and investigation for missing persons, crimes, etc. Contact Sue Fiandach for more information 585-413-1338.


Energy and Thought have a great impact on our lives and well-being. Explore energy therapies that facilitate the body's natural healing processes for greater emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  Energy sessions are known to augment the healing process when surgery or extensive medical care is needed, including pre and post surgeries. 
For Reiki certification classes (all levels), check our Calendar or contact Kathy Manikowski at 585-703-9518.

Reiki Mini-Session

20 minutes


Connie Wake


Reiki+, Crystal, Sound Healing, Chakras Balance, Health Intuitive Sessions

20/30/60 minutes


Kathy Manikowski

Available Wed and Saturdays and by Appt

Relax * Recharge * Renew  Energy Wellness Sessions with Kathy Manikowski
“Let’s work together as you live your healthiest, most joyful life!"  Kathy will help you tap in to your own inner strength and light to find your balance - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She connects to the life energy all around us, and intuitively directs it to empower her clients’ natural healing abilities, and works with many healing tools including:
...Reiki, Angelic, Spiritual and Earth energies
...Crystals, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and Essential Oils
...Guided Visualizations & Affirmations

Essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to the lifelong wellness we are committed to helping you discover. Learn how our meticulous practices for planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling yield potent, naturally beneficial essential oils that meet our industry-leading Young Living Therapeutic Grade. For a consultation or questions, contact Karen Kurchyne at 585-313-2839

Do you have unsettling energies or entities (spirit encounters) in your room, home or office? We can help you and Spirit find closure, comfort and peace.  Our psychic-medium and energy healers will examine the space to identify the source of disruptive and unsettling energies to resolve issues or patterns that hold them in your space. Through our discussion with you and uncovering the spirit’s story, we can bring closure to the issues at hand.
Contact directly:  Sue Fiandach 585-413-1338; Karen Kurchyne 585-313-2839

Call Reverend directly for rates for minister services at your location.
...Rev. Richard Flint (585-733-3817)
...Rev. Susan Fiandach (585-413-1338)
...Rev. Karen Kurchyne (585-313-2839) 

Do you have an offering for Mind-Body-Spirit service, class or topic of discussion? Contact Connie at 585-427-8110 for guidelines and rates.

                                                     What's in YOUR Journey?

Difference between Psychic and Medium - Intuitives, Psychics, Psychic-Medium - All people have the ability to sense the non-physical world, whether empathically (feelings), psychically (information from the living) or mediumistically (information from those passed). Those who have developed the ability to access information--messages and insights--from the non-physical (a.k.a. Spirit) realm may use different titles (intuitive, clairvoyant, medium, etc.) as a way to identify the type of information received. Channeling is a word that describes the access to the High Self, Guides, Masters, Angels, in varying forms (trance, automatic-writing, conscious/inspiration). 

Health Intuitive - This is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe, but offer insights to sources of issues to be pursued by the client with the appropriate medical professionals.

AuraGraphs - An inspired drawing by which a reading is given using symbols, colors and numbers. Represents a pathway of the person from past to present to future and is a fascinating psychic tool, providing insights for empowering next steps!

Tarot - Tarot is a tool of divination (accessing psychic, e.g., soul, guidance) through the "standard" symbology of the Tarot deck. Oracle cards offer the same guidance through a variety of artwork, symbols, inspirational words and phrases. Both are interpretations of the reader.  Pendulums are another form of divination.

Lenormand Cards - Lenormand is a divination system of 36 cards that are read in pairs and the combinations focus direct messages and straightforward answers to practical problems.

Angel - Angle Oracle Card Readings provide insights and guidance from the realm of our guides and angels. 

Palm - Jane Anderson-Ross, CMT, Palmistry and Reiki Master studied with Dr. Girish, A Master Yogi who resided in the Himalayan mountains.  He was a yogi and palm reader for over 20 years. Jane brings this experience, her intuition and guidance from Spirit to provide a fascinating palm reading.

Circle - This is a format of a discussion group who meet regularly, led by a facilitator/teacher of the work...mediums to offer messages, teach development classes and other topics.

Home Clearing - Energies can remain in a space even after beings have left it...or the entity itself still lingers for one reason or another. Smudging is a process of clearing energies from a space and maintain a positive flow (the concepts of feng shui).

Mind-Body - This is term that acknowledges the innate connection of our thoughts (mind) and the physical reactions, illnesses, pains, etc., in the body.

Reiki is a harmonizing and balancing energy treatment that helps us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is, and means, Universal Life Energy.  This energy is all around and in us.Reiki can help replenish your vital energy, strengthen your immune system and treat the symptoms and causes of many illnesses.  Reiki healing releases stress, strengthens intuition and helps release negative feelings. Reiki balances the energy centers of the body, relieving physical and emotional blocks that often are the root of physical, mental and emotional pain and dis-ease. It has been proven to help in first aid situations by stopping bleeding, reducing swelling and relieving pain. It is a gentle, calming and rejuvenating treatment that can be offered to everyone - adults, children and animals. A session involves you lying fully clothed on a massage table, in a relaxing environment, and the Reiki practitioner follows a hands-on or above-the-body technique.
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