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Everyday Conversations(c) Book and Student Guide

Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake, professional psychic-mediums and teachers of psychic-medium studies, offer a contemporary understanding on the 6th sense in daily living. Experience how to receive and interpret information from an “extra sensory perception” point of view. No spirituality needed…no religious dogma or society misconceptions to get in the way. It’s our joyous and natural intuitive ability, understood and experienced on purpose. 

Their first book, "Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium - Unlocking the Myths" is a thought-provoking view of the work of today's psychic-medium and how to better understand the energy and consciousness of the sixth sense we all have. Through stories and experiences, the book builds a foundation of the understanding of how it is "just information" and that we can naturally connect and understand it.

The accompanying workbook, "Everyday Conversations: The Student Guide to the Daily Medium - Unlocking Your 6th Sense" is a student guide outlining the concepts and techniques of exploring and experiencing the 6th sense in an everyday way. Through understanding the self (how you pick up information), making the connection, and interpreting the information, you begin to trust your intuition and manage the information in the energies around us. 

Whether just interested or a practicing medium, it will unlock the myths of mediumship and open your world to your sixth sense in everyday living.  Available on-line and Amazon softcover and e-book.

To view short conversations videos about book concepts, go to YouTube or visit our Facebook page for Q&A on concepts of the book. EverydayConversations

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