Monday, January 16, 2017

            Connie Wake
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We are part of the community dedicated to expanding awareness of the Authentic Self, the High Self, through an active relationship of Mind, Body and Spirit. To that end, The Purple Door offers classes, events and informational forums, reading and message services, energy wellness services and products to live our best self, create our day, and have fun doing it!

I started this adventure looking for a holistic health fix back in the 90's and ended up with wholistic living! I thoroughly enjoy my journey to Mind+Body+Spirit and opened The Purple Door in 2007 to provide a place for folks to do the same. I am joined by many wonderful and supporting family members, friends and patrons. I am enjoying a personal transformation, a business transformation and excitedly a community transformation as more and more people are looking for what Oprah refers to as "the highest fullest expression of your Self!"  
Join me!   Connie

On June 16, 2016, we lost a dear friend and colleague, Gregg Soucie.

We called him "Gregg of God" because he first came to The Purple Door after describing to a friend "what do I do with this?" He was referring to his hands of incredible healing energy that "turned on" after his return from an after-death experience.

He was ready to work, to provide healing to others. His hugs did it physically, his sense of humor did it emotionally, and his healing and mediumship did it energetically.

One way or another, he helped others to understand this world or cross over to the next. He had amazing experiences that he loved to share with us. He was in awe of the universe.

Gregg loved the energy in gemstones and rocks, and had a knack of making them into beautiful pendants or stand up on each other at Corbett's Glen. He loved to show people their energy, showing them with his hands and their hands. He empowered people.

He empowered me. He empowered The Purple Door. As a healer, teacher, mentor and jack-of-all-trades when it came to renovating, moving things around, fixing the computer or decorating. He got the job done, helping to work through all of our challenges.

He was always there, with a donut, a coffee or a smile! I didn't know all his challenges, however. I knew him as one who helped me through mine. I wish I could have been there for him.

So, in his memory and honor, I'll keep a light on at the "spiritual store" that I knew he loved. I look forward to hearing from him (oh, his sense of humor and contagious laughter!) and his continued strength and love.


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